Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Jam tomorrow

I'm reasonably certain that it was the Red Queen who told Alice that there would be jam tomorrow, jam yesterday but never jam today.  When Alice pointed out that there must come a "jam today" day, the Queen retorted that the rule was jam every other day and today is never any other day.

This post is one of those "jam tomorrow" moments.  You see, I'm writing it yesterday and will instruct Blogger to post it tomorrow so you can read it today - if you see what I mean.

That's because tomorrow - or today if you are reading this today - or maybe even yesterday of you are reading this the day after tomorrow . . .   Anyway, it's still tomorrow today, although tomorrow today will be yesterday.

I'm getting confused.

Let's just stick with the fact that it will be a busy day tomorrow.  Life can be such a hectic social whirl, don't you know?  If I get up early enough I might have time for a quick cup of coffee after I have walked the dog.  Then  I have to attend the annual moaning meeting for the Housing Society tenants.  They always have something to moan about - it keeps them happy - but they usually end up finding something they are happy with as well.  After that, I will dash home to collect the Old Bat as we are going out to lunch with a friend (who will also be at the meeting) to try out a pub where the landlord has changed since we last lunched there.  We did enjoy the buffet they laid on for the inter-club skittles match so we have high hopes for lunch.

Then I must walk the dog again before dashing off to Asda for my regular Tuesday wander around the aisles trying to find things that are out of stock.  I might just fit in a bit of ironing before going out for an evening meal.  This involves collecting two visually-impaired (not quite blind) people and taking them to their social club, which this month is enjoying (we hope) a meal at an Eastbourne golf club.  With luck I should be back home about eleven - ready to fall into bed!

Tomorrow evening we shall be not all that far away from this sight, Beachy Head lighthouse.


joeh said...

Now I am confused, is tomorrow today or yesterday?

Brighton Pensioner said...

Yes, Joe.