Sunday, 2 January 2011

Bah, humbug!

It's got to the stage where I just wish everybody would be where I expect them to be when I expect them to be there. Having had a four-day holiday last weekend, we now have another three-day holiday this weekend, and the three supposedly working days in between have been anything but for many people. Don't get me wrong: I enjoy Christmas and I'm very happy that we in England enjoy a two-day holiday. I would hate having to cram everything Christmas into just one day. It's those days between Boxing Day and New Year's Day that cause my irritation. Not actually the days themselves, I suppose, but more the way so many people treat them as extra holidays. I was never able to do that while I was working - in many ways they were the busiest days of the year for more reasons than one - and even then I would get wound up when I phoned somebody at another company over something fairly urgent only to find the company completely closed until after the New Year holiday. It's just as bad now I'm retired. There were several things I wanted to do last week but couldn't because of extended Christmas holidays and/or shut-downs. Roll on Tuesday so we can get back to normal!

Things will be just as bad after Easter this year. Easter falls as late as it can be (or pretty much so) on 24 April. So we have Good Friday and Easter Monday as holidays, then the following Friday is also a holiday for the royal wedding and the Monday of that weekend is a bank holiday for May Day so I guess there will be a general unwillingness to do anything during that three-day week after Easter. Still, it will probably be good news for somebody.

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