Monday, 3 January 2011

What ever happened to global warming?

We never seem to hear those two words now although we do hear a lot about climate change. Are the two phrases interchangeable or are the "experts" having second thoughts? I have never been entirely convinced of the complete doom and gloom scenario although I accept that mankind does need to be more careful about the effects of its activites on the natural world. Parts of the media in this country seem to have leapt onto the global warming wagon with a vengeance and anyone reading their prognostications would think the whole planet is doomed to implode by the end of this century. But is it getting any warmer?

Going off on a slight tangent, our Met Office forecast a mild winter. What happened? We had the coldest December for 120 years!

Global warming?

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Suldog said...

I believe that God takes care of things in whichever way He damn well pleases, and it doesn't mater a whit if we try to warm the place up or freeze it. If He wants it frozen, it will be. And vice-versa.

(It's a total abdication of personal responsibility, so it fits quite nicely with my overall philosophy of life.)