Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer weather

The temperature here has been getting into the upper 20s this week - it reached 27 yesterday - and could go higher today. It certainly feels warmer than it did at this time yesterday. Of course, these are pretty small beer as far as some folks are concerned (27 Celsius just tips over 80 in old money) but it counts as fairly hot for England. Our thoughts of a perfect summer day involve temperatures of about 23 or 24 (about 75 F) with puffy white clouds. We have some patches of blue sky today but there is a lot of thin cloud and it feels muggy. I have little faith in the accuracy of weather forecasts and my cynicism appears to have been justified as I have just looked at the BBC forecast for Brighton. Maximum temperature 23, humidity 57%. Whatever, the hot, muggy days and nights mean that people are sleeping less well and are inclined to irritability. But with luck we shall be back to normal English summer weather tomorrow - temperatures of 19 (66 F), humidity of 100 % - and rain.

I wonder if the hgher temperatures have anything to do with the passion and volatility of the Spanish, Italians and Greeks? Maybe it's because of our weather that the English are seen as... well, grey, I suppose. Come to think of it, that's just like our weather.

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