Saturday, 6 August 2011

The challenge

I may have mentioned... in fact I know I have mentioned elsewhere on (or should that be "in"?) this blog my propensity for starting something without fully thinking through all the ramifications. My photo blog is a case in point.

At some time I came across a sort of informal group of bloggers who go under the name of City Daily Photo. As the name implies, these bloggers (most of them) post a photograph of their city every day. I am a fairly keen although not terribly good amateur photographist and I was quite taken with the idea. But as I don't get around my city (Brighton) all that much I was unable to join in. Then it occurred to me that I could take photos while walking the dog in Stanmer Woods, over the fields and pretty much everywhere. So I started.

The challenge for me (and, I assume, all the others who do this) is to post no duplicates but to find a fresh picture every day. That didn't seem such a tall order when I started. But I had overlooked the fact that my walks tend to be restricted to about half a dozen routes within easy reach of home - and routes that don't involve too much exertion for a sexagenarian verging on a septuagenarian. I do try not to take too many pictures of the same view, but I do take them at different times of the year and in different lighting combinations.

One thing I have found is that I now see much more than I used to because I am consciously looking for something different all the time. And I think doing this has taught me better to appreciate the marvellous countryside I have so close to home.

I must go to the Lions' book fair, but before I do I'll upload a picture I took yesterday afternoon to demonstrate what I mean by glorious scenery.

The high spot on the horizon is Ditchling Beacon.

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