Sunday, 9 January 2011


I like to set myself a number of daily challenges. There are the sudoku puzzles in the morning paper and, a habit I got from my father and which I have kept up most days for many years, the cryptic crossword. On Sundays, the Old Bat and I drink our mid-morning coffee while attempting to find as many words of four letters or more as we can from the target puzzle in the paper. One or other of us usually manages to find the nine-letter word (today's is pyramidal - quite a challenge) and usually we get fairly close to the number of words needed for a rating of "excellent".

Now I have another challenge. If Brighton Lions do take on the organisation of the classic motorcycle run, I would like to incorporate an entry form in our web site. OK, that in itself is not a challenge as including a form in a web site can be done quite easily. The challenge will be to incorporate a simple and elegant way of transmitting all the information we would need (name and contact details of entrant, make, model, engine capacity and registration number of the machine entered, etc) with a way of paying the different entry fees depending on the class entered. I think I can probably do this by having entrants click on a link to PayPal and, once they have paid, being redirected to another page where they would enter the necessary details. But that is not as elegant as I would like.

I foresee several hours of puzzling, and probably frustration, ahead of me as I would like to have this ready to go if the club does agree to take this event on.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Over here there are firms who will handle online registration for a slight fee.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I suppose there might be such firms over here as well, but that would be ducking the challenge!