Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is a puzzlement

as the King of Siam said in The King and I.

Who is Patricia? And why does she use the name Kaye for her email?

The URL "leslavandes.co.uk" belongs to me and, naturally, any emails addressed to anything@ that URL come through to me. About a year or 18 months ago I started getting emails addressed to kaye from a company which had apparently supplied her with prints of her photographs. In the end I became irritated and just blocked any emails from that company. Then a month or so back I got another email addressed to kaye from a different photographic supplies company saying they hadn't heard from her for a while. Needless to say, I simply ignored it and deleted.

But today I have received another. The email address is once again kaye@, but the email starts "Dear Patricia" and goes on to thank her for registering with this company that sells tickets for concerts and so on. I opened another window in my browser and went to the company's site. To sign in I just needed the email address and password. Not knowing the password, I entered the email address and clicked on 'I forgot my password'. Within a few minutes I had a new password and was able to log in as Kaye, whereupon I found that Patricia H (her surname was there, together with her post code) had bought tickets costing £72 for the International Air Show this coming Sunday. I tried searching for a phone number for somebody with that surname in the postcode quoted, but no luck.

Then, unusually, I checked my spam emails, and there was one telling me how to print out my tickets for the air show!

So, who is Kaye? Who is Patricia? Why is she using my URL for her email? And will she get to the air show this weekend? I don't suppose I shall ever know.

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I love mysteries when I can observe instead of being involved