Friday, 5 January 2018

I didn't think it could happen

I wouldn't call myself a technophobe - but I'm not exactly a technophile either. (Why does blogger recognise technophobe but not technophile?) Nonetheless, I bought myself a Kindle some months ago, presumably for a reason that made sense at the time although I have long since forgotten what it was. I probably puzzled myself by doing so as I have always said that I enjoyed the sensation of holding a 'real' book in my hands - especially a new book - and turning the pages. You wouldn't catch me reading a back-lit screen!

Well, I have to admit I was wrong.

Reading is something that I have always enjoyed; once I had learned to read, of course. I always have a book 'on the go', generally a library book. That is, the books were generally library books before the Kindle transformed my reading habits. Although it was not a transformation of my habits, merely a change from hard copy to electronic. And, somewhat to my surprise, I now prefer to use my Kindle. Of course, it does mean that I have to pay for my reading material now instead of borrowing from the public library; in the past I have been too mean to buy books!

So what is it about the Kindle that has so drastically altered my view? Well, in no particular order:
  • I can slip it into my pocket far more conveniently than a book for reading in the doctor's waiting room or in the hospital outpatients' department.
  • There is no need to scrabble around looking for the bookmark that has fallen on the floor or slipped down the side of the armchair. (I refuse to mutilate books by folding down the corner of a page to mark my place.)
  • The size of the font can be altered - a boon for those late evenings when the eyes are tired.
There were more things I had in mind - but that's just where they are now; right at the back of my mind!

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I have been "Kindling" for about five years.
Many of the public libraries here have eBooks for benefit of those with ereaders.
Also, Amazon does allow some sharing between Prime members.
I like that I can mark up text without feeling like I am defacing the book.