Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May Day gone

A rather dreary bank holiday weatherwise. But this afternoon I was delighted to smell the cow parsley for the first time this year. A distinctive smell, and perhaps not to everyone's taste, but I like it.

Cow parsley against a setting sun
It's also good to see the apple blossom - including the crab apple which I shall be harvesting later!


Sarah said...

Lovely photos BP. I took some photos at the farm yesterday. The plum blossom has gone now and the tree is covered in thousands of tiny green plums. The blossom on the Bramley is still looking lovely and the Damson is yet to bloom. I like the smell of cow parsley too, it feels like the very start of summer.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks for the compliment, Sarah. Yes, our plum, pear and cherry trees have lost their blossom now - beautiful while it lasted, as always.