Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ash before oak?

Walking in the woods today it was easy to spot the sycamore, hazel and hawthorn trees, if only because they are all in leaf. The chestnut (both sweet and horse) are well on, and the silver birch leaves are starting - as are the loaves on the ash trees. But I saw no sign of oak leaves.

Ash trees in High Park Wood.
We must just hope that there is little truth in the old country saying:
Ash before oak - we're in for a soak. Oak before ash - 'twill be but a splash.


joeh said...

Never heard that, but as I could not tell an ash from an oak it is not of much help to me.

Sarah said...

I can't tell the difference either but we could do with a little rain, SD and I planted some grass seed at the farm a couple of weeks ago and it's desperate for some water,