Friday, 18 November 2016

In the post

Quite possibly the most cliched excuse for late - or even non-payment: the cheque's in the post. But what is yanking my chain is not 'post' as in 'mail' or job or upright piece of wood. o, it's the post that gets tacked on to the start of a word. Like post-war. I know what that means: after the war - usually the Second World War.

But post-expressionist? Post-modernism? What the heck are they when they are up and dressed? (As my old granny used to say.) I haven't the foggiest All I know is that they refer to some style of art or architecture.

I heard a new one this morning. A fellow dog walker asked me if I had heard that the Oxford Dictionary's word for 2016 is 'post-truth'.

Having read, or tried to read, numerous learned articles and simplified explanations I have to confess - I'm no nearer understanding what it is!

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