Monday, 15 August 2016

Playing catch up

I haven't been around for a while, partly because I was, quite literally, not here for a week. Yep, another trip to la belle france, which went very well until I had a tyre blow on the way home.  Let me assure you, 300 miles on motorways at 50 mph gets b o r i n g.  We were even overtaken by a horse and cart!  Well, not really, but being passed by a convoy of articulated heavy goods vehicles can be quite scary.

Back home, there was trouble with the shower leaking through the kitchen ceiling.

Plumber the first: I'm 95% certain it's the drain.  Either remove the whole shower or cut a hole in the kitchen ceiling to get to it.  I'll have my mate call you.

I chased after 24 hours and gave up after 48.

Plumber number two: My mate will be with you Saturday morning.  Next week.

9 days?

To a letting agency I know.  Do you have a good plumber?

Of course.  I'll ring Sue in the office.

Sue:  He'll be with you between 1 and 3 tomorrow.

Next day, 12.40, unloading the shopping when the plumber apologises for being early. Twenty minutes later, job done.  How much?

Oh, forget it.

I'll you them another time.


joeh said...

Give me #3 please.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Why can't they just say they don't want the job?