Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dogs can't climb trees

Which, as far as our pear harvest is concerned, is just as well, suffering as we do from fairly severe depredations from the local wildlife.  I opened the bedroom curtains this sunny morning to see a pair of jackdaws treating the tree as a self-service breakfast bar.  The critters flew off when I clapped my hands, the window being already open.

When a few minutes later I was downstairs, I let the dog into the garden - as one does - only to see that the jackdaws had been replaced by a couple of squirrels who were munching contentedly.  The dog soon put paid to that and, after doing what she had gone out for, came back in for her breakfast.  Breakfast for the dog usually consists of one scoop of dog meal but today she decided to have a second course.  Her "afters" consisted of a fallen pear.

She adores pears, even though they are not yet ripe, and spends ages each day rooting around in the flower beds hoping to come across one that the jackdaws have dropped.  As I say, it's as well that she can't climb trees - although I did spot her looking up longingly the other day.

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