Sunday, 3 February 2013

How could I have missed...

...saying what a tremendous afternoon I had yesterday.  I collected the grandsons ( 9 and 6) at noon and after lunch, the three of us donned coats, hats and wellies, rounded up the dog and set off for the park.  There we spent an hour discovering Grandad's secret paths, exploring the woods, finding dens, climbing trees and throwing tennis balls for the dog.  The two boys raced around with Fern dogging their footsteps.  I did take a camera but it proved almost impossible to get even two of the three in the frame at the same time let alone all three - and it was completely impossible to get them to look in the right direction at the same time!  Then it was back home for warm drinks and games of happy families and snap before their mother collected the boys just after 5, leaving two very happy grandparents - and an exhausted dog!

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