Thursday, 5 January 2012

On the subject of hotels

I consider Skip a very good friend despite him being a Californian

My very good friend Skip posted pictures of the oldest hotel in California here and I made a cheeky comment. To rub even more salt in his wound, here is a picture of the White Hart Hotel in nearby Lewes.

You may be able to spot a blue plaque just to the left of the door. This is a close up shot of the plaque.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

That would the oldest hotel in continuous operation... and the plaque making that statement is from E Clampus Vitus, which automatically makes it suspect because Clampers have been known to overindulge in adult beverages. I am thoroughly surprised they were even able to find the hotel to afix the plaque.

It should be noted that prior to 1848, when gold was discovered, the area was largely unpopulated. In fact the influx immigrants didn't really occur until 1850 and after. The majority of those settling the area were from Cornwall and the area still celebrates its Cornish heritage.

Your hotel may be older, but the Holbrooke can claim more famous folk stayed there. ;-)

stephen Hayes said...

I envy you both. Nothing here in Portland, Oregon, is particularly old, except the Steel Bridge crossing the Willamette River downtown. It's a hundred years old and looks like two giant guillotines

Buck said...

Food fight!! Heh.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Buck, you shoulda been around in the days when there were more than two of us flinging the stuff. Of course it was a bulletin board, not blogs, and we had folks from all over creation.

Brighton Pensioner said...

As you say, Skip, the Holbrooke claims more famous people - but the White Hart just doesn't need to boast. Much too refined.