Monday, 19 September 2011

Another holiday done and dusted

Yep, we're back home after a week in the Auvergne, the volcanic region in the centre of France. Some years ago we passed through the area on our return home from Provence and determined to go back. It took us until last week! We were very lucky with the weather. On the drive down (which we split over two days, spending a night in Chartres) the temperature rose to 38 (that's Celsius - must we the highish 90s in old terms) but I am pleased to say it didn't get above about 27 for the rest of the week. One day was cloudy and overcast with rain in the evening, but otherwise we had gloriously sunny days in which to admire the spectacular scenery.

I wonder why it is that, no matter how comfortable the bed while one is away, one's own bed always seems to provide a better night's sleep.

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