Friday, 12 November 2010

Rest and Be Thankful

It does nobody any harm to step aside once in a while and consider their blessings. I should give thanks for many, but for today just these five will do.

I was born an Englishman. I can't imagine what it might be like not to be English and have all that great history behind one. My family is English as far back as we have been able to trace it, although there is a distinct possibility that my mother's side came from Normandy at about the time of the conquest in 1066. We just cannot find the the parentage of a 16th century ancestor who could well be a son of that line. The Old Bat has a bit of a mixed bag of ancestors. On her mother's side she is Sussex through and through, tracing her family back through several centuries in the county. Not so on her father's side. He was born in London to a Liverpool Irish mother (her parent's were both Irish and she was born in Liverpool) and a father born in Australia to an Irish mother and a father who had been born in Devon. But the old dear's none the worse for that.

I live on the edge of Brighton. Although I am a Man of Kent, I find Brighton a great place to live. It is a cosmopolitan, vibrant city - not too big, but where there is always something happening. We have the sea, and my house looks out over one of the most beautiful pieces of country in England - the South Downs. I don't think I will ever tire of the view from our kitchen window or of walking over the fields with a dog. Do look at the wonderful view over on Fern's blog today.

My three grandchildren are a source (or should that be sources?) of great joy. Each is a completely different person and it is fascinating to see their characters develop as the grow older. My elder grandson (7) is a very patient young man who has always loved things like jigsaw puzzles and takes great care colouring pictures. His younger brother (4 next week) is a bundle of energy which is unable to concentrate on anything for very long, although he has recently shown a little more aptitude for careful work involving scissors. Their cousin, youngest by six months, is a charmer, although her nursery teachers describe her as the noisiest child in the nursery. She delights in organising other children (and grown-ups) but follows her cousin around like a puppy.

Then there are my friends. I am fortunate in having several very good friends on whom I know I could call for help at any time as well as at least as many more other friends. I can sit with any of them and enjoy a drink and a chat - or even just a chat. Although I share the same opinions as each of them severally over a number of things, we can argue over other areas but part still good friends.

I am also lucky enough to have the resources (time, money, health and - dare I say it? - intellect) to be able to help a few other people improve their lives a little. And I can, with my fellow members of Lions Clubs across the world, help effect great improvements in the lives of millions of people.

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#1Nana said...

It does more than no harm. I think focusing on the blessings actually increases our happiness and invites more into our lives.

I agree with you about grandchildren...there's nothing better!