Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What a nuisance

While I was doing my initial research into the history of Brighton Lions, I discovered several articles in the on-line archive of our local rag which I copied into my notes. Among those articles was one published just before the 1998 carnival in which the carnival queen was named as E.P. When I reached that year in the first draft of the written record, I dutifully copied the details from the article.

It suddenly occurred to me a day or two ago that one of my daughter's friends was carnival queen one year. I couldn't immediately recall which year, but delved through old photographs until I came up with the ones that showed H.F. with me. I was President of the club that year, so it was easy to check which year it was. And it was 1998, the year the Argus said E.P. was carnival queen!

I assumed that I had mistyped the date when copying the article, only to remember that I had used cut and paste. Better check the article, I thought. But the paper's on-line archive has been thinned and none of the articles I had found before are there any longer. I shall have to go the the reference library in town to see if they have back numbers on file.

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