Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Roman camp

The Roman camp isn't really. By which I mean that it isn't Roman - it predates the Romans and was built in one of the ages, though I can't remember if it was stone, iron or bronze age. And no, I wasn't around to witness the construction. It is roughly circular, about 100 yards in diameter, and is on the summit of a hill overlooking Brighton and the sea. The camp originally had a ditch around it inside which was an earth rampart, with the living area inside that. The ditch and rampart still exist - at least in part - and the rampart provides a popular walk. All around the camp is a golf course. On a fine day I like to walk across Thirty-nine Acre Field, through the wood and across the golf course to the camp - which is what I did this afternoon.

The ditch acts as a trap for many golfers.

The view from the camp looking approximately southwards across Brighton to the sea (into the sun!).

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

The golfers have a nice view and some risky shots