Sunday, 7 September 2008


The heading of my previous posting reminds me of one of my pet hates, although perhaps ‘hate' is too strong a word. All the same, it irritates me no end when people say ‘hopefully' when they mean ‘I hope'. I get even more irritated when the crime is committed by people who should know better, people whose very livelihood is communication, such as television news readers and reporters.

And another thing. When did ‘should have' become ‘should of'? At least the reason for that (should've) is obvious - but it no less irritating for that.

I suppose the root cause is education, or the lack of it, and my irritation should be directed at someone or something other than the person uttering the words that make me jump up and down. After all, I can't remember when to use ‘shall' and when ‘will', when to use ‘should' and when ‘would'. And are ‘might' and ‘may' synonymous or not? I'm the proverbial pot!

Oh well, I must just try and practise some advice given to me by a Californian friend: to remember that only I can control my attitude.

Talking of attitude:
A man lost his hat in a gust of wind. A passing dog pounced on it and chewed it to pieces, causing the dog's owner to laugh.

"I don't like your attitude," complained the hatless man.

The dog owner replied, "It's not my ‘at ‘e chewed."

Boom boom!!

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