Saturday, 21 May 2016

It never rains etc

Why is it that everything has to come to a critical state at the same time?

Somehow - and I really don't know how this happened - I ended up doing almost all the preparation for running the beer tent at Hove carnival last year.  That was the first time the tent had been run by Brighton Lions, taking it on after Hove Lions Club closed.  And because of a family wedding that weekend I wasn't even there!  Once again this year, I seem to have the job and have been trying to work out from incomplete records how much stock to buy and go out to buy it.  And take care to see that the tent will be lent to us by a local Scout Group, who will also pitch it for us.  And sort out the license and necessary signage and equipment.

At the same time I'm trying to put together the combined menus and place cards for our Charter Night.  These are all produced individually to show the menu selection of the named guest - and each has to be printed separately, one page at a time.  A time-consuming task.

And the Lions Housing Society is getting near to completing the purchase of a plot of land which is involving to-ing and fro-ing between us, the solicitor acting for us, the Council (from whom we are buying the land) and the bank, who are lending us some of the purchase price.  Meanwhile, we are dealing with a firm of architects who are acting as our agents in a planning application for another site where we have bought a large house.  We hope to gain permission to redevelop that and the neighbouring plot, where we already have six bungalows, with a block of flats.

If nothing else, all this helps to keep my mind active!