Monday, 23 May 2016

Ladies Mile

"They" say that one of the best ways to meet people is to walk a dog.  Well this afternoon I thought that saying was coming true - and my luck had changed!  There I was, walking the dog in the ladies Mile Nature Reserve when a rather attractive young lady (who was coming towards me) made to stop.  As I say, I thought my luck had changed - but she merely made a fuss of the dog and went on her way.

Ah well, I can dream.

Anyway, Ladies Mile.  My approach is along a stony track through banks of nutty-smelling cow parsley.

There are possibly hundreds of hawthorn trees, not much more than bushes really, towards the far end.  Some of them are so smothered by blossom that it's difficult to see any leaves.

It looks from a short distance as if the trees are sprinkled with snow.  I was up here last week on a dull afternoon - and without a camera - when I noticed that the grass in front of  a group of well-covered hawthorns was almost smothered by cowslips.  Despite the crap forecast, today has been warm and bright and I thought this would be my chance of a photo - but the cowslips I wanted had mostly faded - although there were plenty of others in full bloom still in other places!

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Sarah said...

Doesn't the Hawthorne smell wonderful at the moment? Such a warm creamy scent. There is a field right net to the farm that is full of cowslips, I keep trying to get a good photo of them before they fade.