Friday, 20 May 2016

The blues

It was more than half a century ago that I bought the girl who was my wife-to-be a ring, a beautiful sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  Mind you, if she were to stand beside the Duchess of Cambridge and compare her sapphire to Kate's...  Well, there is just no comparison!

But this week I have learned of a ring to put even Kate's into the shade.  This ring is not a sapphire but a diamond, a rare, blue diamond weighing in at an enormous 14.62 carats.  The Oppenheimer Blue was sold this week at auction and fetched very nearly £40 million!  I really cannot imagine spending that much on a ring - and i don't know any woman who would dare to wear it outside the house!  Come to that, few women I know would dare to wear it INside the house!

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