Tuesday, 10 February 2009


No, that's not the 'checkword', it's the title of a book I've just read, a book written by Allen and Sandra Parton. The blurb on the back of the book reads:
Allen Parton suffered a serious head injury while serving in the Gulf War and returned home unable to walk, talk or remember most of his life. He couldn't even remember his wife, Sandra, and their two children. After five years of rehabilitation, he was still severely disabled.

Endal was a Labrador puppy with problems of his own until he ‘adopted' Allen and Sandra.

The book tells how the dog changed Allen and Sandra's life. One particularly amusing part concerns buying a new washing machine. Endal had discovered how to open the old machine and would take the washing out and put it into a basket, shutting the washing machine after he had finished. The machine gave up the ghost so Allen and Sandra went to a big department store to buy a new one.

‘I'm looking for a new washing machine,' said Allen, ‘but it has to be one that my dog can open.'

The salesman was obviously gobsmacked but agreed to let Endal try a few machines, so he went down the row opening the doors and pulling out the hoses etc stored inside. I would love to have been there to see the salesman's face.

I know I'm biassed, but I think it absolutely amazing what dogs can do for people, both emotionally and practically.


Allen and Endal said...

Allen and Endal here!

Thank you for your kind words about the book..very scary putting one's life history down on paper.
I think it is Sandra's outlook on things that makes the story so powerful..Endal and I are too much like the real life Wallace and Grommitt..the hapless owner and the clever hound

The book now at No.6 on the best sellers list..so thank you for helping us achieve that amazing feat by buying the book.

Endal has given me 12 years of uncondition love and devotion and a quality of life no one (including myself) thought I'd ever achieve. He still helps me to this very day though officially retired from active service.

He is now helping us train up "EJ" Endal Junior and we are having such a great time together. Endal a great mentor but he has slipped in a few habits I would have prefered remain just with him...especially the need to cover himself in fox poo!!!!

lots of Luv

Allen, Endal and EJ

Uncle Skip, said...

"...a book I've just read..."

I'll have to see if I can find it here.

I knew you had to have more than one reader!!

Brighton Pensioner said...

I reckon Allen must have a software programme that picks up any posting that mentions the dog's name!

Uncle Skip, said...

Maybe? Then again it could be that you're attracting more attention than you thought possible. I suppose you could ask Allen, but speculation is so much more fun.

Allen and Endal said...

Speculation is far much more fun
I agree

Allen and Endal

Brighton Pensioner said...

It is said that ignorance is bliss, so I shall remain in bliss!