Monday, 20 May 2013

I really must learn... pace myself.  Both today and - even more so - yesterday I have felt almost uncomfortably stiff, the result of doing too much on both Friday and Saturday.  I am, naturally, well aware that I am not now as fit or as young as once I was and I have made adjustments to my routine to accommodate my slowly failing flesh.  The flesh may be weaker but the spirit is still willing - and therein lies my problem.  Or challenge.  I absolutely refuse to vegetate but until the latest drug starts kicking in properly - or some other treatment is more successful - I must accept that there is a limit to what I can do.  What really finished things off on Saturday was spending most of the evening on my feet while kurling.

Kurling, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the indoor version of curling, the sport (or game) in which players slide stones across the ice.  Saturday's event was the 6th in the local Lions Clubs' Zone Olympics and I was half of one of the two pairs Brighton Lions had entered in the event.  It might perhaps have been better if the four of us from Brighton had not made a fundamental mistake in how we thought the scoring was carried out.  It was not until halfway through the evening that we learned of our error.  Had we known earlier, we might have adopted different tactics.

Both our pairs had won their first match 3-0 and went on to win their following two matches so at the halfway stage we assumed we were doing very well.  Then we learned otherwise.  We had assumed that each team scored a point for winning a game so that the team which won the most games would end up as overall winners.  But it doesn't work like that.  It's a bit as though, in football, the number of goals scored by each team decides their placings rather than how many matches they have won.  So a team that lost three games but scored two goals in each would be higher in the table than a team which won three games 1-0.  It is, frankly, highly unlikely that any attempt on our part to adopt different tactics would have made any difference, such is the abysmal level of our skill.  We still managed to come 4th out of 7, and other results mean that Brighton still leads the league table by a decent margin.  With one event to go, if we come no lower than 5th we will be the overall winners this year.  Mind you, the next event is skittles, at which we are notoriously useless!


Looking into the garden of Preston Manor, Brighton.


The Broad said...

If there were a prize for being 'willing' you'd win hands down! Keep up the good fight, BP and don't over do it, if you can help it!

Brighton Pensioner said...

No, Broad, not me, there's others far more bloody-minded, 'cos that's what it really is. But thanks for the encouragement.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be young again... like Suldog?

Brighton Pensioner said...

People keep telling me I was young once, but I don't remember it.

Buck said...

I SO hear ya about failing flesh. But as the others said: keep on keepin' on.