Thursday, 13 August 2015

You can't cure stupid

There are times when I worry about myself.  Take yesterday afternoon, for example.  I walked the dog and, on returning to the car, opened the boot and let her in.  (It is an estate car.)  Then I walked round the side and opened the door.  As I sat down I wondered what had happened.  It didn't feel the same as my seat.  I shut the door and then noticed something was missing: the steering wheel.

I'd only opened the back door and got in.


joeh said...

You can't cure it...if it is catching I might have to unfollow you!

Funny story. Did you act like you were looking for something in the back? You know, in case anyone saw you.

Sarah said...

Oh ... Well, if it helps, it wouldn't have been the most stupid thing I'd ever done ... (and Joe hasn't unfollowed me yet!)

Brighton Pensioner said...

No, Joe, I didn't - I don't think there was anyone around to see. At least, I hope not. And I doubt if it is sufficiently contagious to cross the pond.

And thanks, Sarah, although I'm sure that it really helps all that much given what I've heard of your antics!

Brighton Pensioner said...

And today's quote for the day:

Ludwig Wittgenstein
"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done."