Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Who'd've thought it?

I am astonished, astounded, amazed!  My flabber, as they say, is well and truly gasted.  I would never have dreamed by my blog could have so much influence.

Yesterday, I wrote about the price of milk and said that I would be happy to pay more, provided the increase in price was paid to the farmers, many of whom receive less for their milk than it costs to produce.  Within hours of me posting that, Morrisons, one of the Big Four supermarket chains in this country, announced that they would introduce a new 'brand' of milk, milk for farmers, which would carry a premium and would see an extra 10p per pint paid to the farmers.  It's just a shame that it is to be sold only in 4-pint bottles (we can't easily fit that size in our fridge) and, in any case, there is no branch of the chain situated conveniently for me.

I wonder if the other supermarkets will follow the lead?

It is a start, but I still think that this should have been applied across the range of milk without resorting to the introduction of a new 'brand'.

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joeh said...

After this post they will probably come out in smaller sizes at supermarkets all over.