Saturday, 1 November 2008

The shower works!

It was great to have a shower this morning, even though we are still having to clean our teeth at the kitchen sink! But credit where credit's due, Barry arrived to continue in the bathroom this morning and again after lunch. Having a builder work on a Saturday is something I have never before experienced.

The house seems very quiet at the moment with just the OB and daughter here. Number 1 son arrived earlier this afternoon and left the two grandsons with us, Barry arriving almost simultaneously, then number 2 son and number 2 d-in-l arrived with g-daughter, and then daughter arrived. She usually manages to wind up her nephews but didn't do so today for some reason. Her mere arrival winds up the dog though, so it was mayhem for a few minutes. Then just after number 2 son and number 2 d-in-l had left (with g-daughter), number 1 d-in-l arrived to collect the boys. Now peace has descended with daughter reading the newspaper and the OB getting dinner ready.

I found what I hope will be a couple of interesting books at the library this morning: one about the first exploration of what was then known as Louisiana just after the US had bought the land from Spain. Apparently this included all the Mississippi/Missouri drainage basin right up to the Rockies. The other is about the old British queen Boudicca (or Bodicea) and her unsuccessful struggle against the Roman invaders. All I need now is the time to read them!


Uncle Skip, said...

"the first exploration of what was then known as Louisiana just after the US had bought the land from Spain."
Which book is it (title, author)?


Brighton Pensioner said...

The title is "Undaunted Courage" and the author is Stephen E Ambrose. The UK publishers are Simon and Schuster, but I don't know who would have published in the USA.

But Spain? Where did I dream that one up? It was, of course, France.

Uncle Skip, said...

Yep, that's the one I read, also 'Band of Brothers.'
It's a good read... didn't make my list because it's been well over a year since I read it.
I've read something else by Ambrose, but I can't remember what it is. I like reading stuff by Jeff Schiara, too.



Brighton Pensioner said...

I glanced down the list of Ambrose's other titles and thought some of them looked quite interesting, but I doubt if my local library has many of them - if any. I'll see how I get on with this one first, then I might start making noises about getting hold of others.

Uncle Skip, said...

I looked down the list, too. I may have another of his books, Nothing Like it in the World. Looking for it will give may push me toward straightening up in here.


Brighton Pensioner said...

And when you've straightened up there, you can come and sort out my so-called office! I must be the most untidy person in the world, but I usually know which pile to look in when I want to find something. Well, I sometimes know which pile to look in.