Friday, 14 August 2015

From the sublime to the gor blimey

Or the other way round.

We have, I'm sure, all heard of internet trolls and the way some people seem to get their kicks by posting rude or insulting comments on social media sites.  It's not something of which I have any personal experience, but it came very close to home yesterday.

A cousin's son is married to one of the BBC weather girls and I discovered quite by chance that a number of people have uploaded to Y/Tube videos of her presenting the weather forecast.  I was idly scrolling through them and occasionally reading some of the comments when I came across one which read something like (sorry, I've forgotten the exact words), "this girl just gets uglier" and then another (probably submitted by the same man) along the lines of, "I pay the BBC X pounds a year so why can't they employ good looking girls".  I was merely irritated by the sexist element in this, but absolutely infuriated by the unkindness of the comments.  I know Nina personally and find her an attractive person.  In fact, oddly, she is better looking in the flesh than she is on television!  But that is entirely beside the point.  Just what sort of slug can be bothered to post unkind, rude, derogatory comments such as those?

I'll have to stop there or I'll blow a fuse or have a stroke or something!

Later, I came across this quote by Mark Twain:
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
And to change the subject completely, we did get a drop or two of rain yesterday.  I copied this picture (credited to the Press Association and I hope they won't mind) from the Daily Telegraph web site.  It shows the A23 - the main Brighton to London road - in Brighton yesterday.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I have commented a time or two about weather reporters, but it has been about their accuracy, both withthe forecast and the mispronunciation of the names of local landmarks, never for their appearance.

joeh said...

What a stupid post!

joeh said...


Fortunately we don't see too many of these Mommy's Basement living trolls on our pages. I've had a few that just like to irritate and poke me a bit. When I decided it was just getting mean spirited because I didn't march lock step to their ideology, I just stopped responding and deleted their comments. Pretty soon they stopped dropping by.