Thursday, 6 August 2009

It didn't

A warm, dry evening in the garden of a house dating back to the 16th century (or maybe only the 17th) is just about perfect for a barbecue - and that's what we had yesterday. By the time we left, the moon was shining and we hardly needed the candles and torches to find our way along the paths back to our cars.

The good weather, surprisingly, has continued into today with temperatures of 28 degrees (82 in old money) by midday. I say surprisingly, because my brother and his wife have brought their caravan up to the New Forest from Cornwall to take a short holiday and they generally have rain and gales when they are on holiday. Their younger son is to be married on Saturday, so they have come up early to ensure they have plenty of time to prepare. Sheila and I will drive along the coast on Saturday and spend the night at the hotel where the reception is to be held. Let's hope the weather holds until then.


Uncle Skip, said...

It looks like it may over here. There were thunderboomers to the west last night and they are creeping toward the valley now. We may not even reach 80 (your 18) today.

Brighton Pensioner said...

It is raining now and we have heard a few distant rumbles of thunder. I blame my brother.

Uncle Skip, said...

Ooh! I never thought of that.