Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bacon for breakfast

One advantage of staying in a hotel overnight is that I can have a proper cooked breakfast - a couple of rashers, a sausage, a fried egg and tomato. With toast and marmalade to follow.

We got to the wedding town in plenty of time yesterday. As the church service was at 12.30 and we were not likely to sit down to 'breakfast' (why is the meal after a wedding called a breakfast?) we wanted a quick coffee and a doughnut or something to stave off the likely hanger pangs and rumbling stomachs. There was also the matter of a comfort stop. Anyway, we managed it and were still at the church by noon.

The service over, we all trooped down the motorway to the far end and a country house hotel in the New Forest with gardens that made a suitable background for the photographs - much better than the church in a rather run-down part of town. A decent meal, then a fine, arm evening which meant that us old 'uns could sit outside on the terrace without having to put up with the noise of the disco.

And so to bed - and that cooked breakfast! Not much traffic on the roads, so we were back home by lunchtime.


Uncle Skip, said...

Looks like your keyboard is giving you the same problems mine is.
We had a cooked breakfast, too: link sausages, pancakes (with fresh peaches cooked in them because there weren't any blueberries), melon and coffee. My brother's not a half bad cook.

Brighton Pensioner said...

No, it's not the keyboard - it's just me being my usual poor typist (which is also poor grammar/sentence construction).

Uncle Skip said...

I'll stick with "It's the keyboarde."