Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Red sky at night.

They said that a red sky at night is a shepherd's delight.  By which I assume, like everyone else, that it augers a good day.

They lied.

After spending all day in Hove Park - well, from 10.00 until 5.00 or so, having been at the Lions' store to load the van beforehand and then going back again to offload all the beer we didn't sell - then taking the dog for a walk and finally eating dinner, this was the view from the bedroom window last night.

Beautiful or what?

It had been cloudy all day, with a strong, cold breeze, and, as a result, we didn't sell anything like as much beer as we had hoped.  Still we covered all costs and now have almost enough stock for another session!

Anyway, this morning we woke to a howling gale and lashing rain!  So much for a shepherd's delight!

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