Friday, 27 May 2016

There's more!

Well, the OB and I decided to go out last night.  We do, every so often; but never as late as we left home yesterday evening.  I felt quite the young thing leaving home to go into town at a quarter to ten at night!  The reason for this was we wanted to see the son et lumiere (sound and light) production, Dr Blighty, that I trailered yesterday.

As it says on the 14-18NOW website, "Created by award-winning arts company Nutkhut for Brighton Festival, which is celebrating its 50th festival this year, Dr Blighty throws a spotlight on the Indians who travelled across the world to fight for the Allies, bringing to life the experiences of the injured Indian soldiers brought to recuperate in Brighton and the locals who came to know and care for them.

"Between 1914 and 1916, Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate was used as a hospital for Indian servicemen who had been wounded on the Western Front. The focus of Dr Blighty is an immersive walk-through installation in the gardens of the Royal Pavilion capturing the essence of the hospital, animated by actors and enhanced by a specially created soundtrack. The hospital installation will be complemented by a series of related performances and participatory outreach activities, drawing parallels with contemporary events while bringing back to life this moving episode in Brighton’s history.

"For four nights, a spectacular after-dark production will incorporate video projections on the Royal Pavilion, evoking memories of a very distant home for the soldier convalescents."

I was astonished just how many people there were thronging the Royal Pavilion gardens and surrounding streets to watch the 10 minute presentation.  It ended with flames, as you will see if you watch the following video to the end, which possibly represented the funeral pyres which were lit on the Downs in accord with the religious requirements of Sikh and Hindu soldiers who died here.

The Chattri is far across the Downs.