Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Feeling guilty

For the last week or more I have spent far too much time indulging myself  I have played silly games on the computer - various forms of solitaire and sudoku - and on 'work' for the Lions.  What I have not done is give the Old Bat much of my attention.

I am conscious that she has very limited mobility and spends most of the day in an armchair reading - books, magazines, newspapers - and attempting the crossword.  Meanwhile, I have been upstairs in what passes for my 'office'.

Today, however, we went out for lunch.  This is a monthly affair for people with Scouting or Guiding connections, mainly in Brighton.  The OB was, for many years, a cub pack leader and she likes to go along to these things.  Frankly, I was decidedly ambivalent (if that is possible) about going today as I still have much to do for the Lions.

Unfortunately, the pub chosen for today's venue was not up to the standard it set when we went there last year.  Then it offered a carvery as well as a reasonably varied menu of standard pub grub.  Toady there was no carvery (only on Sundays now) and the rest of the menu was very restricted.  The food was fine, but the portions were no more than adequate, especially for the price.  I don't think i shall be returning in a hurry.  In fact, I suspect it won't be open too much longer, a continuation of its very chequered career.

Now I am behind on the Lions work so I feel guilty about that.

I'm in a no win situation!


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'm sorry I can't help you with that guilt thing.
But I think doing spending time with the OB trumps anything else.
Sorry, too, the restaurant was a disappointment.
It's sad when a place can't maintain the level at which they've started.

Sarah said...

I think don't be too hard on yourself BP. Maybe you have let things slip a little but you recognise it and that's what really matters. Put it behind you and start again and give yourself a break, we all need to give ourselves a little time now and again.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you both. Things seem a bit clearer today.