Friday, 22 January 2016


Time went past in somewhat of a blur yesterday.  I had recently rediscovered an old photograph taken on the occasion of the official opening of the first project undertaken by Brighton Lions Housing Society.  I posted it, with a brief explanation, on the Lions Facebook page (you can see it here).  Then I had a brainwave!

So I drafted a piece that seemed about the right length and sent it, together with a copy of the old photo and pictures of the current properties owned by BLHS to the editor of the lion magazine (the British edition).  Her response was:
Thank you so much for this, what a wonderful story, and one I’ll be delighted to share within the magazine!
Would Brighton Lions Club be interested in doing a club profile as well as this article to go alongside it? 

Commissioned to write a magazine article! How could I refuse such an offer?  So that's what I was doing yesterday.  But it's not right, so this afternoon I must start again.

It's not the first time I have been commissioned to write for publication (he says, bragging again).  But last time I was paid.  Well, I was given an extra week of leave to travel to Bosnia with a Lions relief convoy, not long after the end of the Bosnian War.  In return for that extra week, I was to provide an article about the trip for publication in a national newspaper.

Maybe I could post it here?  It would be best spread over two or three days, but I'll put the first part up tomorrow.

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