Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Did I miss something?

As is my wont, I switched on the television yesterday evening intending to watch the late news, which both the Beeb and ITV broadcast at 10.00pm.  My preference is for the BBC, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with today's drivel.  In both cases, the programme is scheduled to run for 30 minutes.

Yesterday, the Beeb spent the first 15 minutes of the news programme on the death of David Bowie.  This morning, pages 2 to 6 and page 27 of my morning broadsheet were devoted to him.

Now, I'm not quite like those judges who would ask, "David Bowie; who is he?"  I have heard of him, even though my knowledge of recent pop music is almost nil and there is no way I could name any of his songs or albums.

But I have to wonder; was he really so important that so much "news" has to be devoted to him?  He wasn't exactly a 21st century Winston Churchill.

(Which just goes to show what an old curmudgeon I am becoming!)

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