Wednesday, 13 January 2016

So that's that.

I've got something terribly important to share with you all today.  At least, it seemed important when I first thought of it - but now I've completely forgotten what it was.

It's a bit like Cyril.  I thought of him last week sometime, though goodness knows why.  But could I remember his surname?  Of course I couldn't.  Not that it mattered anyway.  What I could remember was that he appeared on a television programme where he recited poetry.  His own atrocious poetry.  I kept thinking Cyril Pretlove, but he was a member of Brighton Lions Club and never appeared on television.  What made matters worse was that I could picture the Cyril whose name I couldn't remember, and even hear him!

Then yesterday we had sausages for dinner and that reminded me.

They were good sausages, too.  Lincolnshire sausages made by a local butcher.  None of those bread and goodness-knows-what filled things sold in supermarkets.

Anyway, I suddenly remembered that Cyril appeared in a programme hosted by Esther Rantzen called That's Life!  It wason that programme that they showed a clip of a dog which seemed to say, "Sausages", although of course it didn't really.

(You see the link now?)

And, flash bag wallop!  Cyril's surname came to me!  Fletcher!

"Cyril Fletcher was an English comedian, actor and businessman. His catchphrase was 'Pin back your lugholes'. He was best-known for his "Odd Odes", which later formed a section of the television show That's Life!" (w)

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Sarah said...

A very tenuous link of sausages (see what I did there???) - funny how the mind works isn't it?