Friday, 15 May 2015

My Genghis Khan attitude

I tend to keep off political subjects on the blog as i like to think that my political opinions are my affair, my private affair, and i really don't have any wish to upset readers of a gentle disposition.  But I suppose it will do no harm to admit that my leanings are, if anything, a little to the right of centre.  In most matters I am not as far to the right as Genghis Khan and I am more than happy to accept what in some countries would be greeted as socialist trappings.  Our National Health Service, for example.

Back in the 1980s, I was very happy to see the success of Mrs Thatcher in restricting the power of the trades unions and I wish our current Prime Minister every success in his promise (some would say threat) to restrict them further in regard to strikes.

It has always been my opinion that the withdrawal of labour by employees seeking better pay or other improvements in their working conditions, is wrong.  It is particularly wrong when the objective is to force an employer to grant an increase in wages.  There are occasions, I would suggest, when going on strike can be counter-productive for the workforce, especially if the strike leads to a company failing.

I think most people accept that the sale of almost any product is subject to the natural laws of supply and demand.  If the product is in plentiful supply and demand is weak, then the price will be low.  On the other hand, if demand is strong and supply is negligible, the price will be high.  And the deal between employer and employee is simple: the employer is buying from the employee, time and labour.  There is a contract between the two parties, usually known as terms of employment.  If an employee decides he no longer likes the terms, he can terminate his employment and seek better terms elsewhere.  In my view, employees who go on strike are in breach of contract and employers should have recourse to the courts to sue strikers.  Or at least to summarily dismiss them.

And as Joe says, opposing opinions are welcome, but are wrong.
As always, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid head!


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I try to keep topics non-political, as well.
Mostly I find myself at odds with most politicians.

joeh said...

If I had an opposing opinion I would keep it to myself as obviously it would be wrong!

And don't call me a big stupid head!