Saturday, 16 May 2015

El Niño

It always strikes me a strange that an equatorial current in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere off the coast of South America, can have an effect on British weather.  However, we have been warned that this coming summer is likely to be cold and wet precisely because of that current which sets up a system known as El Niño.  Apparently, this warm current alters the course of the jet stream - don't ask me how - which causes a knock-on effect on our weather.

It is said that the main effects here are felt in winter, and the Daily Mail has warned, "Britain is set to be battered by fierce snowstorms and freezing temperatures that could affect food stocks next winter as the first El Niño cycle for five years kicks in".

Oh well, que sera, sera.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'm about fed up with altered jet streams.

joeh said...

I believe our leaders in Washington are going to pass a law making El Nino against the law. So you should be ok in the UK.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Skip - you and me both!

Joe - I always knew we could bank on the Yanks!