Thursday, 21 May 2015

Getting the wind up

This is what one might call a stock picture in that although I am going to mention my walk around the Roman Camp yesterday, this picture was actually taken three years ago.  It is the view across Brighton and out to sea.

When I was up there yesterday, visibility was better than when the picture was taken.  I counted seven or eight ships on the horizon heading down Channel - the up Channel lane is on the French side of the Channel.  I suppose they must have been between 20 and 25 miles away.  But I could also see the isle of Wight, albeit admittedly not very much more than a smudge on the horizon; I have seen it much more clearly defined on many an occasion.  That is over 50 miles away.

Now picture, if you can, a wind farm just eight miles off the shore, a wind farm consisting of no fewer than 116 turbines!  Just like this:

Now, I do appreciate that we can't go on and on using fossil fuels and although I am not against nuclear generated power, I am also in favour of more natural (if that is really the word) means of generating power.

But wind turbines I detest.

They are all the rage in France and we must see dozens and dozens of them as we drive down to our hideaway.  What irritates me most is that they seem so inefficient.  Many a time only half - or less - of the turbines in any group are actually turning and producing power.  The rest are, presumably, out of order.

Added to that, I consider them an eyesore, ruining many a good view.  And we are to have more than a hundred located just off Brighton!  And I suspect that the manufacturing these machines, the transporting and installing of them will put more CO2 into the atmosphere than they will save.  Then there is the cost, subsidised by the taxpayer (ie, me) to the extent of £236 million just for the construction, plus further "green" subsidies when operational.

I just don't understand it.

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joeh said...

I'm sure they are a positive in terms of reducing CO2. Along with being an eye-sore apparently they also tend to chop large birds of prey in half, not a small price to pay.