Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Salt water

I have mentioned before (I think) that have always lived almost within spitting distance of the sea or, if not the sea, then at least the tidal estuary of a river.  I probably see the sea pretty much every day, although it doesn't always register with me that I have seen it.  It's not exactly a matter of familiarity breeding contempt - although familiarity certainly comes into the equation.  But take me away from the sea for any length of time and my feet start to itch.  I love looking at and watching the sea in all its guises:

The Seven Sisters from Seaford Head

The Palace Pier, Brighton - now officially called Brighton Pier

The beach at Brighton is pebbly but that means the waves make a very satisfactory whoosh as they recede

The Undercliff Walk runs from Brighton to Rottingdean

A grey winter's sea at Lancing


Sarah said...

I'm very much the same BP - I grew up with a view down the valley to the sea from my bedroom window and, although it's a little drive to the beach these days I do, as you know, spend as much time by the sea as possible. I find it's the one place I can really fee my mind and feel total peace.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

That first view looks remarkably familiar! - we were there in May. Haven't been to Brighton for awhile - but overdue, really. But totally agree with you about the sea. I grew up near to it and love watching it; it has a similar mesmerising effect watching a fire.