Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank holiday blues

It goes without saying (but I will say it all the same) that when one is retired, a bank holiday is just another day like all the rest - every day is bank holiday for us!  Nonetheless, I am always delighted when the weather is fine as it makes so much difference for those who are still working.  And today, the early May bank holiday, the weather is fine.  The only blue is in the sky.  But I am becoming frustrated.  The Old Bat woke feeling under the weather and has kept to her bed.  That being so, I have brought the laptop downstairs - it's too long a story to go into why I can't use the office and the desktop computer.  It might be that the world and his dog are using the internet or it may be that the laptop is painfully slow - probably the latter.  Either way, I'm not going to continue for much longer.

I'll just report that neither the dog nor I are feeling any repercussions from Saturday's malarkey and the hire car company rang yesterday to say they had a car for me so I now have transport again.

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

... neither the dog nor I are feeling any repercussions from Saturday's...

That's really good to hear.