Sunday, 4 May 2014

...but you should see the other chap!

Yesterday afternoon was bright and although not especially windy, was not as warm as it might have been.  I dithered between walking across 39 Acres and round the Roman Camp or going across the fields from the Upper Lodges to Stanmer Park for the afternoon walk, eventually opting for the Upper Lodge fields.  Entering the car park involves a right turn across the on-coming traffic and I waited for three cyclists, followed by three cars, before starting my turn.  I was about to pull across the road when...


...and the car shot forward almost 20 feet.  I had been rear-ended.

As I sat in the car regaining my breath, three people came running out of the car park, having been alerted by the sound of the crash.  The two men positioned themselves either side of the accident to control traffic while the lady checked that the children in the other vehicle were OK and then called the police.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, although I was worried about the two young children in the van that had hit me.  One was aged about 5 or 6, the other only about 2 or 3, but both seemed to be fine although a bit shaken.

Two police cars arrived, as did a Council highways man in his pick-up to clear the road of bits and spread sand over the diesel spilling from the van.  I was able to drive home, albeit very slowly, but the van had to be towed away.

After I had managed to persuade the dog to leave the car (she was unhurt despite having been in the boot) and a cup of tea, it was time to call my insurance company.  The guy on duty was great.  He assured me that my no claims bonus would be unaffected and, as I had taken all the details needed, he would waive my £250 excess.  He sorted out a body-shop for the repairs and had a truck sent to collect my car for secure storage until it can be delivered to the body-shop after the bank holiday.  He also arranged a hire car - although the local branch has no vehicles available until Tuesday.

I wonder what car I will be given on Tuesday?  Naturally, this morning I thought of three jobs I would like to do today - for each of which I need a car!  It's inconvenient for me, but it's probably worse for the other driver, a youngish chap (compared to me) in his early 30s.  He is a self-employed carpenter and, I assume, needs the van for his work.  He had the decency to ring me yesterday evening just to check that the dog is OK and he assured me that the boys are fine, which was a great relief.


Sarah said...

Oh no! So glad no one was hurt so, although inconvenient, things could have been much worse.

Buck said...

Wow. That guy in the van smacked you good! I'm glad both you and Fern are OK.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Here's hoping nothing further develops for you or Fern.