Thursday, 27 February 2014

Relax, BP.

I did try telling myself that but it did little good.  I was just getting more and more wound up as there was so much I wanted to check, read and otherwise use the internet for yesterday afternoon.  I had walked the dog, dug over some more of the vegetable patch (there's almost the whole of one side done now and the neighbourhood cats have been taking great delight in fertilizing it for me) and done the ironing (yes, really!) so it was time once more for me to settle down at the computer.  But I was frustrated.  There was no internet connection.  And that was how matters remained until I gave up and sat down with the crossword.  I didn't manage to finish that either!  But, thankfully, things seem to be back to normal again this morning.  Like it rained some more overnight, so the woodland paths in the park are thick with slippery mud again.

Which reminds me.  I still haven't heard about the new web site I have developed for the Friends of Withdean Park.  Perhaps I should chase that up.

Talking of new web sites, the Lions Club in Britain and Ireland have a new site and a new domain name.  They have changed from to  I like the look of the new site but it is a pity that it has gone live while many of the links are still inoperative and the list of clubs is way off completion.


It was back to Stanmer Park for our walk yesterday afternoon.  I am still keeping away from Stanmer Woods as there is far too much mud.  39 Acres and the Roman Camp are off limits, too, as the car park has been invaded by "travellers".  But a stroll across the grass is OK.  It was reasonably sunny and probably quite pleasant in the sheltered garden of Stanmer House, now a pub, so some hardy souls enjoyed their refreshment al fresco.


joeh said...

What is ironing? I've heard it involves forcibly flattening out clothes, but always thought it wasn't really real.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Ha blooming ha!

The Broad said...

Now, if you had a smart phone with unlimited data, you would be able to have an Internet connection, when you don't have an internet connection!;-)

Brighton Pensioner said...

But, Broad, that would involve spending money! That's against my religion. ;-)