Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The road to Hell

It has been said by some, including my old granny, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  And I am quite possibly on that road, having started out today full of good intentions.  I was going to write a fascinating blog about the referendum that is due to be held in Scotland this coming September, or maybe it would be a subtle exposé on the life and times of a member of a jury.  That done, it was my intention to drop off a hard copy of the Brighton Lions monthly newsletter to the one member in Brighton who has no email, collect some hearing aids for recycling to third world countries (sorry, that's probably not a politically correct term but I can't immediately think what I should write instead), check there are no begging letters for Brighton Lions at our postal address, and then go to the surgery for a blood test.  At least those are only done every three months now.  This time last year it was every two weeks.  Then, always assuming I had received replies to the emails I sent out on Monday asking questions, I would be able to press on with the web site I have agreed to develop and the outing for young carers that the Lions are to fund.

So much to do, and so little time in which to do it.  But it's far better than sitting here twiddling my thumbs and wondering what I can do to pass the time between breakfast and lunch - as well as walking the dog, that is.

Then just as I was checking my emails - and, to my frustration, there were no replies to any of my questions - my connection to the interwotsit upped and went.

Anyway, I have visited the local vampire dressed in a nurse's uniform, found the car park to the hearing centre blocked by road works (more frustration) so I parked illegally in a loading bay and got away with it, checked there were no begging letters and delivered the newsletter.  Now I'm back at the keyboard (having unloaded the dishwasher and moved the sheet and duvet cover from the washing machine to the drier (I'll iron them later)) and my internet is back.  But there are still no replies.  Maybe I'll simply read the blogs I try to follow.

In the meantime, while I'm busy writing those highly fascinating blogs in my head, here's another picture I took while up on the Downs behind Falmer on Monday.