Friday, 28 February 2014

Guess what today is?

28th February - the last day of winter!

I'm sorry to say that I failed to get into the garden yesterday.  Well, what i mean is that I failed to do any work in the garden.  I had hoped to finish digging one bed for the veggies, but when I was out with the dog we had the most ginormous hail storm.  The sun did come out again afterwards, for about three minutes, but things still looked too black to make another sortie worthwhile.  So I started drafting something about jury service - which might sometime see the light of day.  Meanwhile, I'm off taking the Old Bat to her regular Friday morning oxygen session - which she seems to think helps her but I believe to be mainly psychosomatic but if she believes it does her good, that's good enough for me.  While she is there I will take me for a wander round Sainsbury's and pop in to the Housing Society office.  We have a meeting coming up with some gents from the Council to discuss the possibility of buying the freehold of a plot of land which we currently rent and on which we have built 30 flats.  Could be interesting as the Council's valuer came up with a figure of £450,000 whereas ours came up with £90,000!  The Council's valuer wants us to pay the Council for the flats we built!


It was good to see this blossom in Stanmer Park during the week.  Makes me think spring really is just around the corner!


The Broad said...

Wow! You are way ahead of us. Crocus the only blossom we've seen so far. And Spring isn't till the Equinox -- no matter what you Brits say! ;-)

Jenny Woolf said...

Fabulous sight, that blossom. good luck with the council.