Friday, 31 January 2014

Wot, no sun?

Just a couple of days ago I posted pictures of views on our journey home from Les Lavandes.  That's what we called our cottage down there in deepest France - Les Lavandes.  It was the nearest we could get to a translation of Lavender Cottage and actually translates literally as The Lavenders.  But that's another story.

Looking back at what I have just typed I realise I lied to you.  I do apologise; lying is something I hesitate to do, especially when I know darn well that I'm going to be found out in very short order.  I didn't post those pictures a couple of days ago - I posted them about 10 days ago, scheduled to appear on Wednesday.  It was on Wednesday that we drove back.  The first hour and a half or so was in fog.  Come to think of it, the fog lasted longer than that - more like two hours.  Then we had some fitful... well, not sun, but not fog.  Overcast.  Then rain on and off.  Until we left the train at Folkestone, after which it rained continually for the remaining 90 minutes drive.

Our journey home takes us on a different route from the outward trip.  Well, it does for about half the journey.  We leave our village and head for Rennes, the biggest city (I think) in Brittany, after which we turn towards the north-east.  If we are lucky, we get a distant glimpse of Mont St Michel.

From there, we head almost due east, parallel with the invasion beaches, through the hilly Normand bocage.  The views along this stretch are stunning - when it's sunny.  On Wednesday this was the best on offer - it looks much better in sun!

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Jenny Woolf said...

Despite the grim forecast we had a beautiful sunny morning with blue skies here in London. It's clouded over now, though, at 3.30 PM