Thursday, 30 January 2014

Digging in

I do enjoy our sojourns over the other side in la belle France - except for one thing.  The morning after.  That is, the morning after our return.  There always seems to be far too much to be done: there is the wine to stow in the under-the-stairs wine rack (let's get our priorities right!), the pile of post to be sorted into three separate stacks (think about, deal with today , and bin straight away), possibly a message or two on the answerphone that might need dealing with in similar fashion to the post, put one lot of washing in the machine (and as this was the first lot to go through the new machine, also read the instruction manual), check e-mails (same procedure as the letters),and trawl through the vast and ever-increasing number of blogs I like to read (and this time there were far too many comments I wanted to leave for me to waste time indulge myself and my fellow bloggers), and so on and so on.

One of the bigger jobs in (surprise, surprise!) connected with Lions.  Not long before we took ourselves off I was chatting with one of my fellow Lions - the one who used to investigate grant applications - and he said that he saw little point in continuing his membership of the Lions Club as he now had nothing to contribute and no job to do.  I suggested he should revisit an idea we discussed briefly a year or more ago - funding some sort of project for young carers.  Geoff being Geoff, I now have a great stack of paperwork - all to back up a proposal that we pay some £2,500 to provide a short residential break this summer for a dozen young carers in the 8 - 10 year age range.  I have no doubt we shall get this approved very easily at the next business meeting.

And now I must get the dog out for her afternoon walk.  More tomorrow.

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The Broad said...

I must congratulate you on your organization! When we get back it takes days...