Saturday, 23 June 2012

Keeping on keeping on

Today could be busy.  Well, the afternoon at any rate.  I certainly hope it will.  You see, Brighton Lions have our annual fun day in the Royal Pavilion Gardens from noon until five.  I don't know yet just how I shall be occupied but I'm sure I will be offered a job of some description.  All the money raised today will be donated to Leo House, the children's hospice in the home service.  I have a particular interest in this charity as I was instrumental in setting it up.  Originally it was an appeal run by Brighton Lions to mark the club's golden jubilee when we aimed to raise money to build a children's hospice.  Along the way our plans changed as a children's hospice was built along the coast so we decided to concentrate of employing a team of nurses to provide palliative care in the home.  I was chairman and then treasurer for several years but withdrew some years ago when I felt it necessary to curtail my activities outside the home.

This is the first year the Pavilion Gardens fun day has been held on a Saturday, Sunday having previously been the day of choice.  We changed in the hope of increasing the footfall and thereby the profits as we had seen profits falling over the last couple of years.  It could be that the weather will be against us this year - it was England versus Germany in the World Cup two years ago and something else last year but I can't remember what.

I suppose a picture of the gardens would be appropriate today so here it is.

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Buck said...

Oxford has nothing on Brighton in the "dreaming spires" space.

Good luck with the event!