Sunday, 24 June 2012

Yesterday once more

The weather clerk was reasonably kind to us, the weather being mostly cloudy.  That (mostly cloudy) is really shorthand for very little sun, quite a lot of wind, not very warm (we all wore fleeces; in June!) but at least no rain.  Unfortunately there were not too many people either and those who were about were very wary of putting their hands in their pockets.  Of course, it is too soon for me to know the financial outcome but I think the main fund-raiser was Leo the Lion.  His "keeper" carried a collecting bucket and people who wanted a picture of a child (or themselves) with Leo felt duty-bound to make a donation.

There is a link between both yesterday's picture and today's and the one I posted on Thursday.  On Thursday I mentioned Indian soldiers who died in Brighton during the First World War.  That came about because in 1915 the Royal Pavilion in Brighton was turned into a hospital - for Indian soldiers injured in the trenches.  After the war,the southern gate to the Pavilion grounds was built, paid for by India to commemorate this and the deaths of the Indian soldiers.

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